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Brad Hub tightly weaves website design and search engine optimization so that our clients not only have the leading site design in their industry, they achieve their business goals.

Brad Hub Website Designers

In today’s market, it is important to represent your business, non-profit or organization with a web presence. The internet has millions of users, and many of those users will look online for your website before they come to a physical store. Even more important to know is that most people will choose your business based on your website.

A website is crucial for your business. Our team can create a custom website to meet your needs. Rest assured we have the skill set and experience to take your message and deliver it effectively to your target market.

Brad Hub CMS

Need a fast and effective solution to your website? Our CMS allows for quick website construction by our staff of skilled developers. We combine the ease of use found in a Content Management System with the unique styling abilities of Custom Code development. The result is a website that stands out from the competition and allows you to maintain it with little to no coding experience. By utilizing our CMS, we can provide fast development time and integrate just about any service imaginable; social media, real estate listings, e-commerce, pay gates and much more. Our CMS can handle any project no matter how complex or simple.

Custom Coding

While most of our clients prefer the ease and functionality of our CMS, some prefer to have a custom coded website. While this requires experience in website development if the client wants to maintain and update – our team is ready to design a custom website experience just for you. Our custom coded websites still provide all the functionality of our CMS sites with analytics, visit reports, image galleries and news feeds. Already have an existing website and need someone to take over maintenance or repairs? We have you covered. All of our developers are skilled custom coder with an average experience of over 5 years in languages such as HTML, PHP, and CSS.

E-Commerce & Catalog Websites

Have an amazing product that you want to unleash on the internet? We can help you out! Our shopping cart allows for all sorts of cool settings:

• Tailor prices and items to certain user groups
• Integrate with several shipping companies
• Organize items however you want
• Gateways for over 30 different online transaction sites (PayPal/
• Monthly breakdown on item popularity and repeat customers

What more could you want? How about an intuitive and easy to use back end that gives you the power to run your online store with ease? We have that too!

Want to skip the online sales and focus more on showcasing? A catalog is the way to go. We can create an amazing catalog just for show that incorporates all of the aforementioned options without the need to sell a single thing. Each catalog item will have its page with details, galleries, and videos.

Mobile Websites

It is an undeniable fact that more and more people use their mobile devices to access the Internet for information. As our society becomes more efficient Internet users become more impatient, expecting to be presented with only the information they need to see.

Our mobile first approach to web design allows us to extend the reach of your current site and deliver a modified version to your clients. The goal is fast load times, streamlined content and easy navigation at the touch of your fingertip.

Why to Work With Us ?

Affordable Packages

BradHub IT has designed packages that cater to all target markets and that provide clear specifications to what a client can get from that package.

The Website you Need

Our team at BradHub IT aims at bringing you the best of services with a professional team that listens to you and provides you with better results. that package.

Customer Satisfaction

We aim at making the whole design process easy and comfortable for you. We notify on all design process stages and make it seamless for our client.

An Effortless Process

We aim at making the whole design process easy and comfortable for you. We notify on all design process stages and make it seamless for our that package.

Professional Designers

The most important element for our team is to focus on customer satisfaction. We aim at providing the best of services to all our clients.

Total Support

With a team of professionals, BradHub IT is focused on providing complete and solid support to our clients. Our customer services department listens and answers every query you have.